What clients are saying:

"My kids love Miss Julie. She works them hard and makes sure they have fun at the same time. I love her organizational skills and her professionalism. My girls have come a long way under her guidance. Thanks, Miss Julie!!"  - M.B., Webster Groves

"Julie has all the ideal characteristics for a piano teacher.  She is kind, encouraging, and has a high level of patience for younger students.  We love her!" - R.T.,  Crestwood

"We have had lessons with Julie for the last 3 years starting with our oldest and now for three of our kids. She is patient, flexible on scheduling lessons and adapts her teaching style according to the kids' various abilities and ages. The kids enjoy playing in the semi-annual recitals and we enjoy that the focus is making piano fun and not (necessarily) perfection. We can't wait to sign our youngest up to begin lessons!"  - A.F., Saint Louis

"Miss Julie is awesome!  My two sons love her.  She is very calm and expects hard work; but, knows how to have fun, also.  I have been impressed with how she is able to work with both of my sons with two very different learning styles."  - B.H., Crestwood

By experiencing group lessons based on the Music Moves for Piano methodology students learn how to internalize music so they don't just learn how to play the piano but how to make music an integral part of their lives.


Imagine your child learning about music through movement, singing, exploration and audiation then using that knowledge to apply to the piano.

I offer lessons for small groups of students for a variety of ages in Prescott Valley, AZ. Imagine what your child will be able to play and create at the piano in just a few years if you enroll them today!

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Group Lessons

All group lessons last 45 minutes each for a term of 16 lessons. Space is limited for each term.

Preschool (Ages 4-5)

Enroll your child in a group music program where they will explore music in fun and imaginative ways. We will sing, chant, dance and learn some songs on the piano. This is a great introduction to music and to begin to understand and feel rhythm for a foundation for music appreciation throughout their life. Classes are geared to children ages 4-5.

Primary (Ages 6-9)

In the Primary group your child will spend a little more time at the piano but will still use fun ways to explore music through singing and movement to internalize rhythms and patterns. Appropriate for children 6-9.

Secondary (Ages 10+)

For the Secondary group we will spend more time analyzing and playing songs and pieces while still using voices and movement to identify tonality and meter. Best suited for children 10 and older.


Individual Lessons

Adults or Ages 12+

I love teaching piano. Music is such an important part of my life. It is so rewarding to share my knowledge, experience & enthusiasm with my students. I strongly believe that everyone has musical ability but that may manifest itself in different methods, approaches and genres. It is my goal for every student to develop a connection to the piano that will help them develop a lifelong love of music.

Special Programs

All Ages

Throughout the year I offer various programs that are meant to supplement regular lessons or introduce music to new students. You can enroll in my email distribution list to find out about these programs as enrollment is announced.

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